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2021 Spring and Summer Fashion Trends for Women

Spring is here, and after a long winter, stuck at home, we are all ready to get out and about again. For many of us, it's time to add some fresh new pieces to our wardrobe!

Here’s an update on some of the most wearable women's fashion trends for Spring and Summer 2021.

1. Easy Day Dresses

After spending the last year stuck at home, we are all pretty used to comfort…pajamas, loungewear and our favorite comfy sweats.

As a result, we are a little more demanding about our fashion, and comfort ranks high on the essential features we want.

The good news, easy, loose fitting day dresses are trending and will be everywhere in the Spring/Summer 2021.

Whether it’s a maxi, mini, or midi length, day dresses are a pretty, feminine and comfortable choice for everything you’ll be doing this summer. Dresses are just as cool and comfortable as shorts on a hot day, while being super flattering and easy to wear no matter what your body type.

Even better, nothing is more versatile than an easy day dress. A change of weather is no problem as it’s easy to layer jackets and cardigans over them on cooler days.

Perfect to wear from day to night, the same dress can take you from running to the grocery store, into the office when necessary and into the evening for dinner with friends or your special someone. The best dresses just require a change of shoes and/or accessories and you are good to go no matter where that might be.

2. Jeans - Especially Boyfriend Jeans

It’s been a while since many of us have put on a pair of jeans to go out and about, but the time is now and jeans will be a huge trend for Spring and Summer 2021. I know I'm looking forward to putting on a nice pair of jeans, with my favorite sneakers or wedges and feel a little dolled up as I head out in the warmer weather.

While skinny jeans are NOT cancelled, and still a relevant essential in our wardrobe, what we are now seeing is a trend towards wearing looser, more relaxed fitting jeans, especially boyfriend jeans. Whether distressed, or non-distressed, jeans that are that are less fitted, especially in the thighs and legs, even wide legged jeans are going to be super popular! If there’s one thing you add to your Spring wardrobe, a new pair of updated jeans should be your first choice!

Don’t know how to style your boyfriend jeans? Check out our blog post with some tips:

3. Romance

Whether it’s tops, dresses or pants, romance is in! Vintage inspired, loose, flowy pieces, with tiers, ruffles, pretty sleeve or collar detail, soft pastel or neutral colors, organic fabrics and sweet prints are totally on trend. Feminine, graceful and beautiful, while still being comfortable, we love this trend.

As with all our trends, how you wear it will depend on your personal style. You can go big, with poofy sleeves, multiple layers and floral prints or keep it streamlined and minimalist looking, with soft neutrals and silky fabrics that have a lot of movement, while still incorporating romantic details on a smaller scale.

Give it a try and feel pretty all day long!

4. Tie Dye - Elevated

People are always asking me….is tie dye still “in”? And the answer is…yes it is! It’s a good thing, because I think most of us still love our tie dye!

What’s different is that you are going to see tie-dye become more elevated than ever in many beautiful, even hand-dyed artist created clothing. Athletic wear, dresses, handbags, sweaters, face masks…’s everywhere in colors to suit any style. Whether you love bright, cheerful colors, soft pastels, or shades of gray/black neutrals, there’s a tie dye for you! And while some have predicted the end of tie dye must be near, it’s showing no signs of disappearing….it’s only getting better. So indulge yourself in your favorite tie dye colors, especially if they bring you as much joy as they do for me.

5. Pastels

Blush, Lavenders, soft Greens and light blues…..pastels are back and prettier than ever. Spring is always a great time to lighten and brighten up your wardrobe and the beautiful pastels trending this year really inspire all of us to add a few to our closets. Choose soft, washed out pastels that add color, while still being beautifully neutral, in organic fabrics for timeless styles you can wear for many warm seasons and vacations to come.

6. Oversized Everything

From oversized button-down shirts, to wide, billowy oversized trousers, and oversized statement jewelry, the oversized trend is everywhere. Whether you prefer to go oversized for your entire outfit for a super relaxed, breezy look, or balance one or two oversized pieces paired more fitted items, this trend is inspired by menswear, comfort and a little drama mixed in. Have some fun with this trend. So grab an amazing pair of huge statement hoop earrings, pair them with a simple tank and some wide leg billowy trousers! You will look stunning!

7. Sustainable Fashion

This trend started gaining momentum in 2020 and will undoubtedly continue to be a trend in the fashion industry for decades to come. Whether it’s buying clothing made of more sustainable fabrics, buying higher quality, classic and timeless pieces that stand the test of time, shopping at vintage and consignment stores for clothing and accessories, giving them new life, or caring for your clothes in a way that increases their longevity, we all are looking to make our contribution to caring for our world while still enjoying our love for fashion and style.

8. Continue to Be Uniquely You!

As always….remember that no what the latest trends are….there are two things you should always do when making your own style choices: should always have fun with fashion. Let it reflect your amazing personality, voice and style. should only wear what makes YOU feel beautiful, confident, happy and comfortable, inside and out.



Fashion Blogger and Co-Owner of EmilyAnna Boutique

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