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Trend Alert - The Boyfriend Jean!

Jeans are back!

After isolating in our homes for an entire year, wearing mostly sweats and loose, comfy tops, we are all excited to actually get dressed again, and jeans are totally making a comeback as we get ready to spend time outside and out in public again! Traditionally, jeans have meant our old favorite stand by, skinny jeans. And while you will still see plenty of us rocking our skinnies, you will also see a variety of other jean styles out there!

The Boyfriend Jean is one of the most popular styles trending and will quickly become a wardrobe staple for you. But what exactly is a boyfriend jean? And how do you style them?

A Boyfriend jean, as the name suggests, is a style that is inspired by menswear, but redesigned for a woman’s body. These jeans have a looser, casual and more relaxed fit, perfectly aligned with how we've dressed over the last year.

So how much looser? Traditionally, they fit low on the waist, similar to the way men wear their jeans, but as they’ve become more popular, the style has evolved and now there’s a much larger variety to choose from. You will find choices that include distressed or non distressed, high waisted or jeans that ride lower on the hips, slimmer fit, flared, or extremely slouchy through the whole jean. Whatever style you choose, we love the casual, tomboy look and feel of these jeans, and and how easy they are to wear and move around in!

So how do you style the boyfriend jean? Here are some tips:

  1. Cuff your jeans

Since the boyfriend jean was inspired by the boys in our life, take it a step further and cuff your jeans. Roll them up one or two times for a super cute look that still looks perfect, even with heels!

2. Tops - The Tuck is Back

Tucking in your shirt is back in style with boyfriend jean’s popularity. As a general rule, you want to balance the looseness of the jeans with a more fitted and/or shorter top that just hits just to the top of the jean but anything goes. They look great with simple fitted tanks or tees, crop tops or if the top is looser/longer, tuck it in, or tie a knot at the waist to create a perfect look. Of course, boyfriend jeans always pair well with a simple button up white or black boyfriend shirt to complete the tomboy vibe.

3. Shoes

Anything goes here….boyfriend jeans look great with heels, wedges, flats, flip flops and sneakers. But just like tops, consider balance as part of the equation. If you have a looser top or multiple layers, you may want a more streamlined shoe, like a flip flop, ballerina flat or cute pair of kitten heels. If your top is more fitted, then you can balance it with a sneaker, wedge or chunky heel.

4. Belts are Back

With their boyfriend vibe, belts are the perfect accessory for boyfriend jeans. You don’t need to wear one, but adding a fun, colorful or classic belt is both on trend, and practical if you are wearing your boyfriend jeans especially slouchy!

But despite these tips, EmilyAnna Boutique believes your style should reflect your unique personality, so as always, anything goes. Experiment! Have fun with styling boyfriend jeans! Use what you already have in your closet, no need to buy anything new.....except boyfriend jeans....definitely go buy some boyfriend jeans!

Check out our jean collection, including Boyfriend Jeans, on our website today.


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