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Wardrobe Essential - The Oversized Button Down Shirt

Always dress well….but keep it simple

Sometimes the simplest things are the best things, in life and in fashion.

Case in point, the button down shirt. As you read about all of the current Spring and Summer trends, button down shirts will show up again and again. But, in reality, they’ve never Not been a trend, in one iteration or another! They are classic. They are timeless. They are a must have.

This year, the button-down shirt has be re-styled to match our feelings about clothes in general, which is to be looser, softer, more relaxed, oversized and comfortable. It’s still the same classic styling we’ve grown to love over the years, just easier to wear, like the one you love to borrow from your husband or boyfriend’s closet. Longer, roomier in the shoulders, with lots of room to move around in. Still classic. Still sexy. Just more comfortable.

So if you don’t have an oversized button down shirt in your closet, you absolutely need to get one. It is a must have wardrobe essential for every women’s closet, at least one, preferably three…one in white, one in black and one in light blue. With these three pieces, you can create endless amounts of outfits and looks that fit your unique personality.

  • Wear them loose over leggings, jeggings or skinny jeans.

  • Wear them tucked into skirts, pants or jeans.

  • Wear them tied at the waist with boyfriend or loose fit jeans, shorts and skirts.

  • Wear them as a “shacket” or cover up over bathing suits or bralette outfits.

  • Wear them simple, or wear them with bold statement jewelry and or a scarf.

Wear them them casually, wear them dressy. Wear them to the office or to the beach. The options are endless.

Which is why we should all have at least one, or a lot more than one.

If you need one, EmilyAnna Boutique has great options right in our website! Our relaxed fit linen/rayon blend button down shirts are available in White and Light Blue, while our Black oversized button down is a Cotton/Poly Blend. All are oversized, cool, comfortable and timeless. You will have them forever!

Or… could just steal them from your husband’s or boyfriend’s closets. That works too!!


EmilyAnna Boutique

EmilyAnna Boutique is a Buffalo, New York based, on-line fashion boutique, selling a large variety women’s clothing and accessories. Co-owned by a Mother/Daughter/Best friends team, we opened our shop with a goal to provide fashion, style tips and community for Every Body, inspiring women to feel beautiful, comfortable and confident.

We'd love to have you join us in the EmilyAnna Boutique Fashion Community to receive information on the latest fashion trends, great styling tips, curated outfit ideas, and shopping for beautiful women's clothing and accessories. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


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