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Two - 2021 Fashion Trends - Long Necklaces and Pearls!

As we begin to highlight 2021 Fashion Trends, we start by featuring two of our fashion jewelry pieces that represent two of those trends.....long necklaces and pearls. We’ve styled the pieces because we love how they layer perfectly together, but they look beautiful on their own as well!

Classic pearls have always been a wardrobe essential, but regained their rightful place in our jewelry boxes last year, and you will continue to see them worn everywhere in 2021. Pearls are versatile and timeless! Adding some pearls to your simple white tee for the most casual setting works just as well as wearing them with your little black dress. No wonder we all love them so much!

Long Necklaces began to really grow in popularity a couple of years ago and that trend is still going strong. We love long necklaces! They are the perfect accessory to transform the simplest of outfits. Adding one of these beauties is often all you need to accessorize an outfit, especially a simple top or dress that needs something just a little extra to let your unique style personality shine through.

We have lots of jewelry and accessories in our boutique that are beautiful and affordable. Take a look for some great ideas and options for accessorizing your outfits!

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