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Embracing Me

Welcome to ‘Embracing Me!’ 

I’ve had thoughts for a few months now on starting to write a blog, and with the current circumstances, and the launch of EmilyAnna Boutique, it feels a though there is no better time than now! Writing your first post can be very thought provoking, and it can also be extremely intimidating. What is the best thing to write about first? What is the best way for me to introduce myself to you?


Maybe, the best place to start is simply about me. My name is Amanda and I am trying to gradually make my way through my mid-twenties. I love this age. For the most part, my twenties have been absolutely great. I met my husband, and we are blessed to be surrounded every day by a fantastic circle of friends and family who share our values. I moved into my first house, started my professional career, and we brought two dogs into our family. I love going to happy hours, learning what my passions are in life, and having the freedom to make, and learn, from my own choices. There are moments, however, when I wish I could go back to the simple times of being a child. Where my biggest concerns were play dates, play dough and pizza. 


I believe one of my greatest strengths is that I do things at 100% of my capability. When I love, I love deeply, hard and fast. When I make a decision to do something, I’m all in. This includes small things such as hosting a dinner party, or larger decisions such as my commitment to my faith and to Christ. So suffice it to say, by starting this blog I want to be 'all in' with every single one of you. I believe in order to do this, it's important for everyone to know me from an external perspective, but also important to know me from an internal perspective, including my inner struggles. This post is hard and extremely intimate, but feels like a wonderful way to start my journey with you of 'Embracing Me.'


I’ve struggled with body image since middle school. Being a competitive gymnast for most of my childhood instilled within me many core values and attributes. This includes remembering that hard work will help you to achieve your goals, and that you should strive for perfection even when it's unattainable. It also made me aware that people will judge you, on your actions and on the way you look. This, plus:

-a horrible sixth grade experience  -with a little mix of social media added in, 

and voila! There's always that thought in the back of my mind when I wake up, when I look in the mirror, or when I see a picture of myself. On the outside it may appear differently. I do my best to portray confidence, and often put a wall up to many of those who I don't know as well. However internally, I've struggled with this for some time. These thoughts have led to some of my darkest times, but over the last few years it has also led to some of my greatest opportunities. I have found several different communities within the fitness world and within my own inner circle that allow me to build relationships with people who build me up and help me to learn to love myself, for all that I am. It's a journey. Not all days are good. However, I'm learning that the way I think, and the things I say to myself, need to be just as positive and powerful as the things I want others to say about me. 


This exact concept, and idea of community, is the foundation behind EmilyAnna Boutique - a new, small online fashion community and boutique that sells everything fashion and beauty. My mom and I are striving to build a community full of beautiful women who want to build each other up through fashion, beauty and accessories. I want others to view it as a place where they feel confident, but also where they feel comfortable enough to know that we are all going through something different. 

I'm an in progress masterpiece, and I hope you will all join us on our journey. 

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